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How to be a Kawaii girl in 3 simple steps!

How to be a Kawaii Girl in 3 Simple Steps

Have you ever wanted to let your inner Kawaii girl shine? There are tons of ways that you can embody the Kawaii girl lifestyle like dressing the part, accessorizing, and getting your hair and nails done!


Kawaii girls dress in bright, vibrant colours and each and every piece of clothing has its own unique flare! Every outfit and accessory is carefully chosen to align with the Kawaii girl lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for something sweet or something edgy and chic, we have advice to help you nail the look every single time!


1.     Nail the Look

One of the most important elements of embodying the Kawaii girl lifestyle is looking the part and there are tons of options to help you nail the look! It’s all about choosing the most adorable clothing you can find. Think patterned overalls, floral patterns, frilly skirts, and scalloped edges!


Tops are a great statement piece to help you build your look. A huge part of Kawaii girl fashion is finding the perfect hoodie. Consider opting for an oversized statement piece or a T-shirt with your favorite cartoon character! This Fluffy Furry Bear Hoodie comes in black and khaki and is perfect if you’re looking for a comfy cozy look! If you’re looking for something a little more edgy you can opt for this “Angel and Devil” Kawaii Gothic Hoodie. This hoodie comes in baby pink and baby blue, pink and white, or black and white! If you’re looking for a hoodie with a unique cartoon design, there are tons to choose from like this Cartoon Catfish Kawaii Hoodie that comes in multiple colours with adorable kitty cartoons!


Another element that is essential in nailing your look is finding the perfect bottoms to tie your outfit together. The beauty of Kawaii fashion is that there are tons of options to choose from! You can choose from pleated skirts, high waisted denim shorts, overalls, or even pastel pants! If you’re looking to add a pop of colour to your look considering opting for a one-of-a-kind Harajuku Rainbow Plaid Skirt! This unique piece will be sure to turn heads! If you’re looking to play with a punk look you can opt for something a little darker like this “Gothic Girl” Harajuku Skirt. If you want something a little cozier or don’t feel like wearing a skirt you can choose from tons of kawaii inspired pants like these Pastel Candy Kawaii Denim Pants that come in a beautiful purple pastel colour! Did we mention that these pants even come with a belt? Talk about a win-win!


Another statement piece that helps bring any look together is a great pair of shoes! If you’re serious about bringing your kawaii look to the next level, you might want to consider investing in a pair of high-tops or sneakers! Looking to bring a classy black look together? Consider these Classic Black Kawaii Round Toe Shoes. If you’re looking to let your cute side out to play, consider these Little Strawberry Cute Kawaii Sneakers that come in either red or blue! These sneakers are seriously cute!



2.     Accessorize

Every great outfit is brought to life with great accessories and Kawaii fashion is no exception! The best part about accessorizing is that they make your look personal. Feeling edgy? Add a choker! Need a pop of colour? Add a purse or pair of stockings!


This Circlet Choker will tie any punk look together and add a pop of color when you need it most! The best part? It comes in 16 different colors! You can never go wrong with adding a statement piece of jewelry and kawaii fashion trends let you play with all sorts of different styles! Is fruity fashion your thing? Consider these Fruity Strawberry Kawaii Earrings! They look almost good enough to eat!


3.     Get Your Hair and Nails Done

After you’ve picked out your adorable outfit with accessories to match, it’s time to work on your hair and nails! Embodying Kawaii fashion means styling your hair in a way that aligns with Kawaii Japanese culture. A great way to achieve this look is to style your hair in ringlets! Another hairstyle that works is putting your hair in pigtails or braids! Remember, it’s important to look as youthful as possible so you can even add berets and bows! A great way to take your hairstyle to the next level is to color it a pastel color like turquoise or pink. A great way to achieve your desired look without committing to an extreme change is to purchase a wig! Oftentimes you can purchase a wig for a reasonable price, and you can even purchase one that matches your outfit!


Another thing you can do is customize your nails! Kawaii girls usually get acrylics or paint their nails bright colors. If you’re interested in DIYing your nails, you can look up videos on YouTube for inspiration! The options are truly endless, and it will help you achieve your desired look.


It’s Time to Have Fun!

Now that you’ve nailed your look, decided on your accessories, and learnt how to do your hair and nails, it’s time to have fun! Part of being a Kawaii girl is living the lifestyle. It’s important to appear youthful, energetic, and cute! The most important rule when embodying the Kawaii lifestyle is that you have fun! Customize your look, get creative, and live your best Kawaii life!


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