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8 creative ways to use kawaii clipart

Clipart Cute Kawaii

It might not be something many people think about but the quality and variety of clipart available has changed drastically over the last decade or so. Remember these:


Nowadays I would be more inclined to refer to clipart as digital stickers or digital art.

Gone are the days of stickmen, silhouettes and basic icons. Standard emojis are more advanced than those old, outdated graphics. But the perception, surprisingly, remains.

Most of the time when I tell someone that I design and sell clipart for a living, I’m met with complete confusion and many questions, most commonly, ‘But what do people do with it?’

And my answer is the same every time: ‘Anything you can imagine!’

Here are 8 of my favourite ideas:


  • Stickers


Many of my customers purchase my clipart to make stickers for their planner books. Planning is a huge trend and its no wonder - its a great way to stay organised and have a creative outlet at the same time!  If you have a cutting machine like a Cricut, this is a super easy DIY, but its totally doable without one! Here are some I printed on sticker paper and cut by hand. They also make a lovely little gift!


- Mouse pad


My work space is one of my favourite places. We spend so much of our lives in our work spaces, they should reflect and celebrate who we are. Creating a unique mousepad is a great, inexpensive way to do that! I had mine printed at Orms in Cape Town, but there are loads of places all over the world where you can have yours made. Mine only cost the equivalent of about $5. Here are 2 of the mousepads I’ve had made in the last few months.



  • Nursery Art


Clipart is essentially digital illustration, and kawaii clipart is perfect for kids rooms or nurseries. A couple of nice frames and a set or two of adorable clipart and you can create the perfect look. These make wonderful, inexpensive gifts too - great for baby showers!



  • Tote bag


I have a bit of a tote bag addiction. I use them for shopping, travelling, heading to the beach… I often make simple canvas totes and have them printed for friends as a gift or instead of gift wrapping.



  • Desktop (or fridge) calendar


A super easy, inexpensive way to style your desk and stay organised! My husband helped me make this nifty little stand for mine but you could use a clipboard or even just pop them on your fridge with a cute magnet.


  • Up-cycled notebooks


I find I’m always in need of a notebook - whether its to jot down an idea or sketch an a new clipart character. I like using paper scraps from the studio and making these cute little up-cycled books. I just print the clipart onto some card with my home printer before binding it all together. You can find some really easy tutorials online, like this one:



  • Home decor


DIY home decor can be a little daunting but a simple way to achieve your unique look is to have some custom cushions made. If you love floral prints, but don’t love the offerings in the home decor stores you can just go custom! There must be thousands of gorgeous floral clipart set out there, if not more - find a set you love and have some made. You could even have matching curtains! Here is my cushion for my studio.



  • Decorate your bog or website


When you first start out as a blogger or an entrepreneur, you might not a huge budget for design. Clipart is an excellent, inexpensive solution! Even if you are only looking for a few pretty flourishes for your blog header, you are bound to find something suitable and cost-effective amongst the multitudes of options out there. Just remember to check with the artist first and give credit where applicable.

I had so much fun working on the custom graphics for Tokyo Dreams, and the team did an excellent job of combining those with several of the sets available in my shop, to create a seamless, fully kawaii visual experience which compliments their apparel. 

There are hundreds of places online where you can find clipart. If you just want to decorate a word document or add a little pizazz to your emails, there are loads of great free options available. If, however you are looking for something a little more unique or better quality, there are also many exquisite clipart collections and sets you can purchase from artists like myself. Etsy, where I have my own shop, is home to a number of talented clipartists.

If you are only planning on using clipart for your own personal projects, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about licensing so the clipart won’t cost you more than a few dollars - but if you are unsure about an artists policies, just reach out and ask them.

Pop over and visit me at to browse my clipart, or follow the shop on Instagram or FaceBook @looklookprettypaper

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